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Business lessons from reality TV

David Rynne - Thursday, June 13, 2013

American Reality TV might make an unusual topic for an accountant. However there is something very different about Bar Rescue.

Jon Taffer is an American expert in the business of bars, pubs and nightclubs. The premise of Bar Rescue is Mr Taffer and his team being invited into poorly performing businesses and turning them around.

He doesn't put up with fools, slack employees or butt-headed owners.  He takes a scientific approach to business : from the psychological aspects of customer service, number of items on a menu, layout and colours of a bar, to staff management and personal attitude of the owners.

There are plenty of great tips from Bar Rescue that can be applied to any business.

Whats amusing to me is that every episode he busts open the books.  Taffer: "How much money are you losing?"  Owner "$20k a month...ummm we dont know."  In every case, the owners have no idea of their finances, margins, their costs.

Bar Rescue is a reality show which should be watched by every business owner and anyone with an interest in customer service. Great turnaround stories of businesses which were going to the dogs, but now have a new lease on life.