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Thriveal CPA Network

David Rynne - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hey Everyone, very pleased to announce that I am the first Australian member of the Thriveal CPA network . For an Accountant from Albury, this will be a fantastic move. The real beneficiaries will be my customers (yes you are a 'customer', not just a 'client'.) 

I have been looking for an accounting network to join for a while. It might seem odd that I would join with a group of American CPAs. But most of the networks for Australian accountants cater to larger firms and Thriveal is made up of accountants like me - small firms, new cliff jumpers and sole practitioners, looking to grow and improve and who are deeply committed to serving small businesses.

What exactly is Thriveal ? 

Thriveal is a network of like-minded accountants who are wanting to change the future of their firms for the benefit of our customers. The Thriveal CPA Network exists to support accountants to become better business owners, lead people with courage, experiment in new innovations and technology, and change the lives of those they serve. 

Put simply, the Thriveal is about accountants getting out of our comfort zones, making changes, becoming more entrepreneurial, innovating, taking risks to try new things, new ways of working, using technology.  

Experimenting, learning, sometimes failing, sharing, communicating, learning some more. 

Thriveal is summed up in its manifesto, its core beliefs :
  • We believe in Disruption
  • We believe in Innovation
  • We believe in Learning
  • We believe in Courageous Leadership
  • We believe in our Customer
  • We believe we are Valuable
Unless we do all this how can we grow to become better advisors ? We would just have more of the same. 

Accountants are a conservative bunch - resistant to change, often fearful of trying new things. Thriveal encourages entrepreneurship by allowing us to discuss ideas and issues in confidence, without judgment or negativity. The group is a great sounding board. 

Thriveal will be professionally challenging. But I am already stepping up and contributing via Yammer - our social network platform. We also come together in October for our annual learning gathering in Greenville, South Carolina for something called "Deeper Weekend". 

Thriveal... Its going to be great. 

More about Thriveal from Thriveal CPA Network on Vimeo.